New Additions

What On Earth? The Movie
The Moon & Mars: Ancient ET Anomalies - The Presidential Briefing
The Final Countdown - The Movie
The Final Programme - The Movie
Plutocracy 5 - Subterranean Fire
The Hidden Truth: Politics and The Press - George Carlin
THE INFINITY SAGA - Road to Endgame - A Marvel Retrospective (2008 - 2019)
RODS: The Smoking Gun Evidence
Ethos Genesis - A Time for Change
Torah Codes - End To Darkness
Torah Codes - End To Darkness Part 2 - Addendum
UFOs The Footage Archives Part 5 - 1998-2000
UFOs The Footage Archives Part 4 - 1996-1998
UFOs The Footage Archives Part 3 - 1993-1995
UFOs The Footage Archives Part 2 - 1990-1992
UFOs The Footage Archives Part 1 - 1950-1990
I Know What I Saw - Expanded Directors Cut
Out of the Blue - The Definitive Investigation On UFOs
Packing for Mars - The Movie
Mysterious Origins of Man Part 2 - The Alien Connection
STEALTH MISSION CURIOSITY: Ancient Intelligence On Mars - Richard Hoagland
MetaHuman: Beyond Time and Space
The Alien Question? Preparing for Contact
Thunderbolts of the Gods
Strategic Space Command
Symbols of An Alien Sky - Part 1 - The Beginning
Symbols of An Alien Sky Part 2: The Lightning Scarred Planet Mars
Symbols of An Alien Sky Part 3: The Electric Comet
Virtual Reality: The Next Human Evolution
Remembering the End of the World
Knowledge of The Forever Time - Knowledge of The 8 - The Final Episode
Hidden Truth - Forbidden Knowledge - X-CONFERENCE - Steven Greer, MD
METROPOLIS - Expanded Directors Cut
UFO Secret - The Friendship Case
UFOs and Science - Slaying the Dragon
UFOs and Area 51 - The Bob Lazar Story - A 25 Year History
The Wilhelm Reich Story - Viva Little Man
UFOs A Century of Secrecy
Miracles and Visions - Fact Or Fiction - Directors Cut
UFOs and the Occult Extraterrestrial War
The New World Order - A 6000 Year History
Ghosts Caught On Tape - Fact Or Fiction?
UFOs The Secret History
UFO Secret: MJ-12 - Do You Believe In MAJIC
The Oracle - The One Who Sees from the Beyond
Touched by An Alien
Crop Circles - Quest for Truth
The Reality of Truth - What If You Already Know?
UFOs and Area 51 - Secrets of The Black World
The Klaus Dona Chronicles - Secret World One - The World of Forbidden Archeology
Explorer - Discovering Ancient Peru
ET Origins - Secrets of the Star People
Silencing The Thunder
UFOs and Nukes - The Secret Link Revealed - Expanded and Updated Director's Cut
The Day Before Disclosure
Watchers 7 - The Physical Evidence for UFOs and Extraterrestrials
Watchers 6 - The Secret Cosmic War
Farewell Good Brothers
Solar Revolution - A Shift In Consciousness & Human Evolution
The Secret of Nikola Tesla - The Movie
I Know What I Saw Part 2 - Addendum
UFOs 50 Years of Denial
Phoenix Lights - Above Top Secret - Expanded and Updated Director's Cut
The Silent Revelution of Truth
Free Energy - The Race to Zero Point
Alien Autopsy Fact Or Fiction - Expanded and Updated Director's Cut
Hoagland's Mars Volume 2 - The United Nations Briefing - The Terrestrial Connection
Jupiter and Beyond - The Secret of 2001: A Space Odyssey
Rise Like Lions
Lifting the Veil
Plutocracy 1 Divide et Impera
Plutocracy 2 Solidarity Forever
Plutocracy 3 Class War
Plutocracy 4 Gangsters for Capitalism
Power Principle 1 Empire
Power Principle 2 Propaganda
Power Principle 3 Apocalypse
UFOs The Hudson Valley Story - 100 Years of Sightings
Human Resources - Social Engineering In The 20th Century
Psywar - The Real Battlefield Is The Mind
Counter-Intel 1 The Company
Counter-Intel 2 The Deep State
Counter-Intel 3 The Strategy of Tension
Counter-Intel 4 Necrophilous
Counter-Intel 5 Drone Nation
UFOs and Military Intelligence
David Icke At Wembley 1
David Icke At Wembley 2
David Icke At Wembley 3
David Icke At Wembley 4
UFOs and Mystery Airships
UFOs and Flying Saucer - The Jim Nichols Story
A.I. and Transhumanism - Creating the New Human
Aeon of Horus 2 Aliens and Demons
The Aldebaran Mystery Expanded and Updated Director's Cut
Atlantis Rising - Ancient Advanced Technology
UFO Disclosure Hollywood Style
Cold Fusion - Fire From Water - Expanded Directors Cut
New Energy Series 1 - Pioneer Tom Bearden - Future Energy and Scalar Energy
New Energy Series 2 - Joseph Newman - Free Energy Over-Unity Magnetic Motors and Unified Field Theory
New Energy Series 3 - Troy Reed - Free Energy Magnetic Pulse Technology
New Energy Series 4 - John Hutchinson - Anti-Gravity Technology and Free Alternative Energy Sources
New Energy Series 5 - Dennis Lee - Free Energy Low Temperature Phase-Change Generators
Hidden Agenda - The Capitalist Conspiracy
Hidden Agenda - No Place To Hide
Hidden Agenda - Katanga
Hidden Agenda - Anarchy USA
Hidden Agenda - The Truth About Communism
Hidden Agenda The Subversion Factor
The Code - Archeo-Mathematics and the Global Earth Matrix
Anthrax Smallpox Vaccinations and The Mark Of The Beast
UFOs Reconsidered - Secret Advanced Technology and UFOs
Ancient Aliens - Archons - Extraterrestrial Invaders
Starwars Weapons and End Times Warfare
Aliens From Spaceship Earth
Terence McKenna - Seeking the Stone - Mind and Time, Spirit and Matter
UFOs the Best Evidence Ever Caught On Tape - Expanded and Updated Director's Cut
UFOs: Best Evidence Ever Caught On Tape Part 2 - Expanded and Updated Director's Cut
Conspiracy The Secret History - Secret Heartbeat of America - The CIA And Drugs
Rolling Thunder - Healer of Meta Tantay
The Secret Russian Space Program - The Untold Story
UFOs and Area 51: The Bob Lazar Video and Excerpts from The Government Bible
Regenerative Medicine and Stem Cells - The Hidden Dangers
ESP and Phychic Spies - Russell Targ
DNA: Pirates of the Sacred Spiral
Secret NASA Transmissions Part 2
Death in the Air - Globalism, Terrorism and Toxic Warfare
God Man and ET Part 1- The Mars/Earth Connection: Cydonia in Ancient Science and Mythology
God Man and ET Part 2 - Can the Judeo Christian Worldview Accommodate an Intelligent ET Reality?
God Man and ET Part 3 - The Gods of Cydonia: The Case for Ancient Artificial Structures in the Solar System
God Man and ET Part 4 - The Probability for Life's Existence Elsewhere in the Universe
God Man and ET Part 5 - If ET Called, How Would We Know It?
God Man and ET Part 6 - Scientists and Scholars Go Head to Head Over the Question of Intelligent Life In the Universe
Conspiracy the Secret History: Welcome To Terrorland - Mohamed Atta and the Venice Flying Circus
Conspiracy the Secret History: In Search of the American Drug Lords - Barry and The Boys From Dallas To Mena
Itzhak Bentov's - From Atom To Cosmos - Evolution of Consciousness As A New Model of the Universe
Hemp Hemp Hooray - The Growing Industrial Hemp Market
Buckminster Fuller - The Lost Interviews - Scientist, Artist, Philosopher
Healing Codes For The Biological Apocalypse
How To Read Faces - The Ultimate Advantage
Hoagland's Mars Volume 1 - The NASA Cydonia Briefing
Freedom Road - The David Icke Epic
Shamans of the Amazon Part 3 - A Shamanic Adventure in Peru
Shamans of the Amazon Part 4 - Terence McKenna the Last Word
Nibiru - Return of the Gods
Blood Sacrifice - Occult Secrets of Hitler and the 3rd Reich - A Biblical Perspective - Extended Directors Cut
Knowledge of the Forever Time Part 7 - The God Knowledge
Animal Transgenics: Animal and Insect GMOs
The Final Frontier - Human Consciousness
GMO Con Taminated - The New Science of Food
Lost Secrets of the Maya
UFO Secret - President Eisenhower's ET Contact
Emerging Viruses and Vaccinations
Alternative 3: The Secret Mars Colony
Journey To The Hollow Earth - The History, Mythology and Folklore That The Earth Has A Hollow Realm
Emperor of Hemp - The Jack Herer Story
Bigger Questions - The Fusion Of Science And Spirit - Hosted by Ronald James
Shamans of The Amazon Part 2 - The Invisible People
David Icke - Secrets Of The Matrix
Mystery of The Sphinx - Part 2 Addendum - A Day With John Anthony West
Bigger Questions - The Psychic Matrix - Hosted by Ronald James
Bigger Questions - The Nature of Reality - Hosted by Ronald James
UFOs and Cyborg Invasion
The Quantum Hologram and ESP
Cereal Wormholes Part 2 - Conduit Closing
Cereal Wormholes Part 1 - They Are All Real
Atomic Bombs, UFOs and the Quest for Absolute Power
Nixon, Kennedy, and The Alien Presence
Operation High Jump - UFOs, Nazis and Admiral Richard E. Byrd
Life On Mars - New Scientific Evidence
Bob Frissell - Nothing To Something
UFOs and Area 51 - David Adair at Area 51 - Advanced Symbiotic Technology
UFOTV Presents GMO A Go Go
UFOTV Presents The Disclosure
UFO Secret - Alien Contacts - The Best Evidence
UFOs The Secret History Part 3 - UFO Abductions
Aeon of Horus - The Occult History of NASA
The Search for Atlantis
UFOs The Secret History Part 2 - Addendum - The Extraterrestrial Hypothesis
High Strange New Mexico
Uncovering The Great Bimini Hoax
The Truth About UFOs In Russia
The Day After UFO Disclosure
UFOs Game of Perceptions
Mysterious Origion Of Man 3: Jurassic Art
UFOs and Cosmic Dimensions Part 2 - Above Top Secret
Knowledge of The Forever Time Part 6 - The Black Knight Satellite
UFOs and Cosmic Dimensions Part 1 - From Legend To Reality
UFO Abductions - The Alien Abduction Experience
Crop Circles Best Evidence - Something Wonderful Has Happened But It Was Not In The News
Clash of the Geniuses - Inventing the Impossible
Heavens Gate - The Untold Story of A UFO Cult
Best Evidence - The Top 10 UFO Sightings - Extended Directors Cut
From Here To Andromeda
Hoagland's Mars Volume 3 - The Moon / Mars Connection
David Icke - Beyond The Cutting Edge
Alien Hwy - UFOs, Area 51 and Alien Technology
Flying Saucers Are Real - Volume 2 - Top Secret Majic
UFO Secret Roswell Crash
Nikola Tesla - The Genius Who Lit The World
Hidden Planet - Lost World of The Inca
Hidden Planet - The Coastal People of New Guinea
Hidden Planet - The Roof of Africa
Hidden Planet - Lost World of The Maya
Hidden Planet - Guidance of The Stars - The Samburu Way
Hidden Planet - Healers and Rituals of The Ancients
The Reptilian Agenda - Featuring Zulu Shaman Credo Mutwa and David Icke
Contact - The Year Our World Will End
UFOs - Mexico Contact Point
Conspiracy The Secret History: The Big Fix 2000 - Who Runs the Show
Human Cloning - A New Breed of Science - Extended Director's Cut
National Treasures - Signs and Symbols of the U.S. Founding Fatheres
Prophecy - The Next 1000 Years
Dark Secrets of the Black Sea - Uncovering the Roots of Early Civilization
The Scientific Study of Alien Implants
Ships of Light - The Carlos Diaz UFO Experience
Advanced Ice Age Civilizations and Atlantis
The Pyramid of Cheops - A Possible Solution to its Construction
UFO Abductions - A Global Phenomenon
9/11: The Myth and The Reality
The Search for Atlantis - Forgotten History Series
UFO Crash - Kecksburg - The Untold Story
Secret Space - What Is NASA Hiding?
The Secret NASA Transmissions - The Smoking Gun
The Journey - The Anthony Woods UFO Case
Technologies of the Gods
Bad Seed - The Dangerous Truth About Our Food
Flying Saucers Are Real - The Cosmic Watergate
The Cygnus Mystery
Shoot'em Up - The Danger of Vaccines
The Yucatan Hall of Records - Edgar Cayce's Legacy
Discovery of Noah's Ark - The Best Evidence
What Happened On the Moon? An Investigation Into Apollo
The Lost Caves of Giza
Holes In Heaven? HAARP and Advances In Tesla Technology
Chasing Flying Saucers - The Stanton Friedman Story
The Sallie House - Gateway To The Paranormal
UFO Secret - Tunguska - The Russian Roswell
Ancient America: Mound Builders - Edgar Cayce's Forgotten Legacy
Are We Alone In the Universe
Learn Remote Viewing - Operation Mindazzle Military Remote Viewing Psychic Training Course
Conspiracy the Secret History - Masters of the Universe - The Secret Birth of the Federal Reserve
David Icke: Live at Oxford
Roswell - The UFO Uncoverup
Ancient Advanced Technology In Central America
Aztec 1948 UFO Crash
Atlantis - Secret Star Mappers of A Lost World - Extended Directors Cut
Shamans of the Amazon - A Timeless Journey
Pretty Slick - The DeepWater Horizon Enviornmental Coverup
Knowledge of the Forever Time Part 5 - The Stargate Found
Knowledge of the Forever Time Part 4 - The Prometheus Stones
Knowledge of the Forever Time Part 2 - The Age of Enlightenment Has Come
Knowledge of the Forever Time Part 1 - The Age of Enlightenment Has Come
Knowledge of the Forever Time Part 3 - The UFO StarGate Agenda
Mystery of the Sphinx - New Scientific Evidence
UFOs the Best Evidence Part 1 - The Visitors
UFOs the Best Evidence Part 2 - Strange Encounters
UFOs the Best Evidence Part 3 - The Government Cover-Up
Eye of the Phoenix
Lapis Exillis - The Stone is the Grail
Pulp Fiction - The Golden Age of Sci Fi, Fantasy and Adventure
Beyond 2012 - Evolving Perspectives on the Next Age
New Evidence of Early Man - Suppressed
Crop Circles - Crossovers from Another Dimension
Ancient Advanced Technology In Nazca and Peru
Mysterious Stone Monuments of Markawasi Peru
Ancient Advanced Technology In Mexico and The American South West
Ancient Advanced Technology In Peru and Bolivia
Ancient Advanced Technology In Egypt
The Urzi Case - UFOs In the Skies of Italy
The Afterlife Investagations - The Scole Experiments
UFOs In South America
The Mysterious Origins of Man Part 1 - Rewriting Human History
The Secret - Evidence We Are Not Alone
Mayan Prophecies and Crop Circles
Ancient Illuminati - Riddles In Stone
The Truth is Out There - Consciousness, Conspiracy, Comedy
Mystery of the Carpathian Sphinx
Gateways To Faerie - Discover A Hidden Realm of Mystery, Magic and Wonder
Christian Dilemmas - The Secret History of Christianity and the Bible
The UFO Enigma of Flying Spheres
Opening To Angels - Guardian Angels and the Angelic Realm
Ingo Swann 2 - Remote Viewing & ESP From The Inside
Ingo Swann I - Remote Viewing & ESP From The Outside
Advanced Remote Influencing: Remote Viewing - Lyn Buchanan
Remote Influencing Basics - Remote Viewing:- Lyn Buchanan
Martial Art For The Mind: Remote Viewing - Gabrielle Pettingell
Sensory Awareness & Remote Viewing - Patrick Marsolek
RVDF - Remote Viewing and Direction Finding - Dick Allgire