Jim Nichols Collection

Nibiru - Return of the Gods
The Day After UFO Disclosure
Nixon, Kennedy, and The Alien Presence
Jupiter and Beyond - The Secret of 2001: A Space Odyssey
Ancient Aliens - Archons - Extraterrestrial Invaders
UFOs Reconsidered - Secret Advanced Technology and UFOs
The Aldebaran Mystery Expanded and Updated Director's Cut
Operation High Jump - UFOs, Nazis and Admiral Richard E. Byrd
Aeon of Horus - The Occult History of NASA
Atlantis Rising - Ancient Advanced Technology
Virtual Reality: The Next Human Evolution
Strategic Space Command
The Alien Question? Preparing for Contact
UFOs - A Century of Secrecy
UFOs and the Occult Extraterrestrial War
UFOs and Mystery Airships
UFOs and Flying Saucer - The Jim Nichols Story
Aeon of Horus 2 Aliens and Demons
UFO Disclosure Hollywood Style
The Final Frontier - Human Consciousness
UFO Secret - President Eisenhower's ET Contact
Alternative 3: The Secret Mars Colony
UFOs and Cyborg Invasion
Atomic Bombs, UFOs and the Quest for Absolute Power
UFOs Game of Perceptions