Aliens Over the Central Valley of California - S4E9
Vandenberg Air Force Base UFO Incident (Part 2) - S4E8
Vandenberg Air Force Base UFO Incident (Part 1) - S4E7
UFO Scares Married Couple While Driving at Night - S4E6
Lost Time at Holly Ash Mine - S4E5
Mystery Sightings Over Lake Castaic - S4E4
Battling the Cold to Sky-Watch for UFOs - S4E3
Area 51 After the Storm - S4E2
Mojave Alien Encounter and Button Willow UFO Portal - S4E1
Area 51 Are the Camo Dudes Real - S1E1
The Mojave UFO - S1E2
California's Area 51 The Ant Hill - S1E3
Lockheed Martin's Secret Helendale Facility - S1E4
Area 51 Wants This Video BANNED! - S1E5
Ghost Hunting Silver City Ghost Town - S1E7
The 1956 Pixley UFO Incident - S1E8
Secret Military Ops and JEDI Transition - S1E9
Underwater UFO Facility at Walker Lake, NV - S1E10
ALIEN ENCOUNTER at Pine Mountain Club - S1E11
UFO Sightings in California Searching For Answers - S1E12
ALIEN ABDUCTION at Burro Schmidt Tunnel - S1E13
UFO HUNTING at Frazier Mountain Summit - S1E14
ALIEN ABDUCTEE Discovers Implant Hole - S1E15
SECRET CALIFORNIA 24 Hours in the Mojave Desert - S1E16
Traversing Tikaboo Peak To View Area 51 - S2E1
Unexplained Lights at Air Force Research Laboratory - S2E2
UFO Hunting at Historic Keyesville Cemetery - S2E3
The Chinaman Grave Site - S2E4
Area 51 Base Camp Employee Housing and Airport - S2E5
Hot Spot UFO Mountain - S2E6
1986 Stealth F-117 Crash Site and Wreckage - S2E7
Laughlin NV a UFO Hot-Spot - S2E8
UFO Hunting at Bonanza Gulch - S2E9
Secret Projects and Strange Noises in Lemoore CA - S2E10
Is the US Government Hiding Something - S2E11
Alien Craft at Hobo Campground - S2E12
Glendora Mountains Monster - S2E13
Searching for UFOs with UFO Seekers - S2E14
The US NAVY's AREA 51 - S2E15
Chasing NASA's U-2 Over Trail Of 100 Giants - S2E16
ROSWELL UFO Hysteria in America - S3E1
Stranded at 9,000 Feet - S3E2
Midnight in the Mojave Desert - S3E3
UFO Hunting AREA 51 - S3E4
U.S. Spaceplane Program and UFO Hunting X-15 Crash Site - S3E5
Aliens Communicate with Army Intelligence Corpsman at Giant Rock - S3E6
The Air Force's SECRET North Base - S3E7
UFO Sightings in California - S3E8
Dusk to Dawn at AREA 51 - S3E9
UFO Hunting in Death Valley - S3E10