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MFP - Track 10 Quattro Sync The Forth Dimension
MFP - Track 13. Sunset On Freedom Ridge Moon Rising
MFP - Track 4 Journey to the Center Hollow Earth Found!
MFP - Track 5 Approaching the Sacred Premonitions of Contact
MFP - Track 6 Surfing the Tides of the Milky Way Transformation

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Join us as we support "Every Mother Counts" making Child Birth safe for Mothers around the World.
When you Download a Song from the World Music of Ci2i, 50% of the proceeds go to this worthy cause.


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The Music Pharmacy is a safe haven for Dreaming and Imagination.

Are you bogged down, feeling Cynical, Anxious or perhaps Angry from seeing too many Conspiracies and Political Controversy in the World today?

This site's goal is to offer you a soothing , Vibrational Sonic Remedies to Re-Energize your perspective on Life.

Check back often, we are coming up with new Sonic Journeys on a regular basis.


Welcome to the premier
website of Warless Society.

The Pharmacy Is OPEN!

You will find a wide variety of musical ideas in this musical odyssey. Look through our list of sonic journeys to find how their vibrations can energize your mind and spirit. Click on the Pill for your vibrational sonic medication (as prescribed by your inner voice). Turn up the volume, put on your head phones and prepare yourself to sit back and Dream.

Play Tracks 1 - 9 – A New Frontier - $7.99
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1. Dreams of Time and Space – Last Rights! - $.99
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2. Quattro Sync – The Forth Dimension - $.99
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3. Are We Alone? – In The Universe - $.99
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4. Gulf Breeze – Twilight Encounter - $.99
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5. Third World – Island In The Sky - $.99
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6. Groom Lake – Desert Sun - $.99
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7. E=MC-2 – Strange But True - $.99
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8. Alternative Three – Leaving This World - $.99
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9. UFO - EBE – Earth Bound Ear - $.99
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